Miss-U-Gram®️ app

When you miss someone who has passed away…

Hang in there with

Miss-U-Gram®️ app

If you miss someone who has passed away know that your not alone when you download this free social media app designed exclusively for memorializing.


Miss-U-Gram®️ app, is global community platform where users can pay tribute to cope with loss and share memories to last forever.

  Updated version is set to be released soon

*date to be announced

Inevitably, the grieving process takes time. Healing happens gradually; it can’t be forced or hurried—and there is no “normal” timetable for grieving. Some people start to feel better in weeks or months. For others, the grieving process is measured in years. Whatever your grief experience, it’s important to be patient with yourself and allow the process to naturally unfold.

Miss-u-gram®️ app

When suddenly faced with loss, ignoring pain will only make it worse in the long run. For real healing, it is necessary to face your grief and be proactive in your wellness for both the mind and body. A key factor is to have human interaction and community’s support. A keen way to begin personal transformation, is by reading & writing, which is medically proven effective as a technique for mental & emotional well-being.

This exclusive app helps users redirect their heated emotions when faced with loss resulting in inner peace when you miss someone who passed away, paying it forward with a purpose, one word at a time because… “everyone wants to be remembered”.


*additional features

Miss-U-Gram ®️ app has chatroom capabilities so users can create endless communities for human support this app also offers links to Ancestry database, where you can search for deceased loved ones, Brainyquotes, incase your at a loss for words or simply want to be inspired by reading inspirational quotes. User’s can share tributes publicly across others forms of social media or keep them  privately as a reflection journal with toggle  preferences to change post at any time to public settings.

“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered”




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*We continue to expand the development so users can navigate through the app with comfort and simplicity.

Miss-U-Gram®️ app


  1. Congratulations on your phenomenal app that is a gift to humanity! I truly appreciate the support of the community and the beautiful memento mug with my dear friends photo, Karen Jones. Lastly, THANK YOU for the amazing LIVE YOUR LEGACY journal that will serve me well to place my thoughts! I’m grateful to you Patti!

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