Celebrant Mug

Celebrant Mug
Embrace warm memories when you miss someone who has passed away now with this custom celebrant mug

Miss-U-Gram’s Celebrant mug

For many people, their first cup of coffee or perhaps tea is a comfortable, reliable part of their morning and/or afternoon routine. But it’s not always that easy to reset and lift your spirits when you miss someone that has passed away. Miss-U-Gram’s ®️ exclusive Celebrant mug is a brand-new way to embrace warm memories of those you miss while enjoying your warm drink in the finest of spirits having something to hold that’s dear to your heart. Remembering our loved ones that have passed away is an indication on what they meant to us – the things we shared together, the experience, their impact on our lives, and other good memories. Miss-U-Gram’s Celebrant mug is exclusive because of our registered trademark. Our logo – the butterfly, is recognized worldwide as a reflection of life after death and captures the essence of spiritual transformation. Miss-U-Gram’s mission slogan is meant to inspire us to be celebrants of life by paying it forward with a purpose because “everyon wants to be remembered”. “What the caterpillar calls the end, God calls the butterfly” Quote – Richard Bach


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Miss-U-Gram ®️ is a prosper for purpose company and a proud contributor to support the American Red Cross foundation for their humanitarian efforts where “everyone means everyone”.

“Everyone wants to be remembered “


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