Goodbye I Love You

Best to say it now than keep blowing it off…
The Goodbye, I Love You™ show provides the LIVE SHOW opportunity to publicly say goodbye to special friends and family, colleagues and villains. This is done LIVE and on the air, or in some cases, before airing across the world. Using first names only provides the opportunity for guests to leave their messages of love and appreciation long before that fateful day ever comes.

Guests can also invite guests, and sometimes long-lost friends can be reunited through our secret work and licensed private investigator, Antwain Thomas. The time between now and when we next see each other again could be 60 to 80 years, so why not leave a legacy for the world to them. This show is sponsored and often co-hosted by Miss-U-Gram ®️ | Everyone Wants To Be Remembered with Patricia Freudenberg. Enjoy watching all of our shows here!

Hosted by The Presents TV Network
Sponsored by Miss-U-Gram ®️