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Mastering Your Spiritual GrowthAMAZON-CORNERS-1684x799-300x142.jpg


🔶The Cayce information contends that it is the inevitable destiny of every soul is to become cognizant of its true relationship to the Creator, eventually achieving spiritual enlightenment in the process. What if a new understanding of the nature of the soul and the purpose of life on earth could transform humankind? Such is the premise in the

The Map Of HeavenAMAZON-CORNERS-1684x799-300x142


🔶The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife.


Harnessing HeavenAMAZON-CORNERS-1684x799-300x142


🔶Is Heaven real, accessible and ready to help us discover our life path?





    • Feel like you are driving your life, not the other way around?



  • Tap into the power of heaven?




  • Get on the path to living the purpose and passion for the rest of your life?





That’s exactly what happened to Clifford Michaels, a Wall Street investment advisor, who never believed the “afterlife” existed. Everything changed after a brush with kidney cancer that set him on a reluctant path of spiritual discovery. He first denied, then acknowledged, and finally embraced and interacted with “heavenly” forces he realized want to help all of us find our ideal path in life.


Mark Of An EagleAMAZON-CORNERS-1684x799-300x142


🔶This book is about how you will leave your mark on the world. It is about discovering the purpose for which you were created, and how to fulfill that purpose. It is about the vision you have for your life, and how to bring that vision into reality. It is about building relationships that are rich and enduring. It is about the courage to rise above adversity in the pursuit of your dreams. It is about connecting to your creative and transcendent spirit. Most of all, it is about taking charge of your one precious life, spreading your wings, and soaring to new Realms of possibilities.


The Joy of Painting UniverseAMAZON-CORNERS-1684x799-300x142


🔶By Bob Ross : Description


A celebration of the life and work of the pop-culture icon who gently encouraged millions to explore their creativity.


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