Miss-u-gram T-Shirts pay it forward with a purpose.

We are a prosper for purpose  company making the world a better place.

With every T-Shirt purchase $1.00 USD

will be donated to a foundation set by  monthly marks

* February is marked for raising  awareness  for heart disease by American Heart association  

Life is why the American Heart Association exists.

Someone dies from heart disease, stroke or another cardiovascular disease every 43 seconds in this country. They miss out on life’s precious moments. They leave behind a family and friends who loved them. This is your chance to help save lives. Millions of people are at risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. But your action today will help fund innovative research for new treatments, provide programs and services for survivors and their families, and help more of our loved ones lower their risk.

  • Available in Male / Female / Youth
  • 9 styles
  • 5 colors
  • 6 sizes

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