Miss-U-Gram ™ app offers people everywhere a brand new way to create, post, and share memories of lost loved ones either privately or publicly .


The app offers a streamlined interface where users will be able to share their pages across other forms of social media.

with unique features, including emojis and links for deceased data base and inspirational quotes, so users can further customize their experience.

“Everyone wants to be remembered” said creator Patricia Freudenberg. The platform seamlessly lets users create touching, illustrated tributes to their loved ones and easily share them with others.

📈 We continue to expand the development so users can navigate through app with comfort and simplicity. If you want to transform pain of loss into a heart warming experience then see for yourself what transpires on this ground breaking social media app .

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Patricia Freudenberg

Founder and Creator of Miss-U-Gram

” We are a pro-purpose company helping to make the world a better place.”

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