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Our Future Generations ….. Tribute,Share, Remember Miss-U-Gram ™

With Miss-U-Gram memoriam, our children and the future generations will gain a better knowledge of past relatives, friends, and icons in the community, town, or city. Preserving memories for our children is a very important heritage, which enables them to know more about the life and death of our ancestors.cropped-screenshot_20170726-100855-4500x5400.pngRemembering our loved ones is an indication of what they meant to us – the things we shared together, the experience, their impact on our lives, and other good memories. When we remember their positive impact, we are encouraged to imitate them.
keeping a record and remembering family members are important . A nation without a history is a lost nation in wonderland – we learn lots of things through telling stories of the past. For these reasons, join the numerous people that support this amazing App that will change things for the better.

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