Our Mission 

Miss-U-Gram’s worldwide mission is to transform pain of loss into power, one word at a time .

When you miss someone who has passed away you can tap into the power of love with direct emotional writing to tribute,  cope and share on a social media platform.

Miss-U-Gram  applies to everyone worldwide and can make the world a better place knowing that we are not alone in our darkest days .

With direct emotional writing you can also find inner peace .

Tributes are loving memories. By keeping a record of our deceased loved ones shows that they have not been forgotten.

Why should we forget them? We can’t because we are humans created with the ability to remember, and records help us remember in details.

 It’s a simple concept that means so much …

We believe it is heart warming to keep memories alive by  sharing and posting  personalized memoriams.

The tenderness of life is the fire we share. Posting and sharing tributes is both  healing & heart warming to the reader as well as the writer.

Sharing is caring and with the convenience of the grievance  chat rooms  , you won’t feel alone when coping  with the loss of your  loved ones.

 Death is an inevitable part of our life and  by keeping the  memories of those who have passed on is another way to pay tribute to  their life.

Start now and Join us in our  worldwide mission by keeping memories alive forever because “everyone wants to be remembered .”

》Miss-U-Gram app  continues  to expand the development for the best user experience . Updates available soon.


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