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Dealing with loss is difficult and you may even feel emotionally paralyzed from the loss but now there’s a brand- new way to cope.

Indeed it may seem challenging to be inspired at a time of loss but the motivation should come from the fact that your loved is counting on you to share their legacy and make their tender memories last forever by paying forward with a purpose, one word at a time.

Pay tribute either publicly or privately

Pay tribute to cope with loss and pay it forward one word at a time either publicly or privately

The truth of the matter is that focusing on the loss is the issue causing even more suffering but spending time constructively on good memories results in  well being resolving pain into peace. 

It’s that simple , so make a positive choice for a better recovery when you miss someone who has passed away by downloading this 100% free social app,and start connecting now With Miss-U-Gram app

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When your at a loss for words …

Missing our loved ones is something we all share – most of us have experienced loss at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, losing someone important to us never gets easier. But, think about what always gets you through those difficult times; the relationships and the support of your friends and family. Memorial services are designed to celebrate and pay respect to the individual who passed away, but who says their memory can only live on through one specific event?

Free your mind

Now with Miss-U-Gram app  their memories can live on forever !

Miss-U-Gram ®️ app provides a brand-new way to transform pain of loss into power one word at a time . So if you miss someone who has passed away then continue to scroll down to download now on Google, iOS & Amazon app store

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In The Palm Of Your Hand

Miss-U-Gram app  is the perfect partner to carry with you each day. Deceased  loved ones  will never be forgotten, and you can carry on their memory wherever you go.

It’s a simple concept that means so much, because every memorial on the app is personal. That’s the importance, and the beauty, of being able to remember someone who meant so much to you.

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emotional writing

On Miss-U-Gram®️   you can begin to cope with loss with direct emotional writing 


Miss-U-Gram®️ app is  a respectable & comfortable platform where people are encouraged to overcome the pain  of loss by  paying tribute,  making comments on public post,  joining or creating  chat rooms to connect with others and to cope with the grievance process . Users can  also share post across  other forms of social media or keep privately.  

With creative writing you can begin to resolve the pain of loss and transcend tender memories into inner peace  by paying it forward one word at a time because “everyone wants to be remembered.”

A nation without a history is a lost nation in wonderland – we learn lots of things through telling stories of the past.

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