Remembering What They Meant 

Remembering our loved ones is an indication of what they meant to us – the things we shared together, the experience, their impact on our lives, and other good memories. When we remember their positive impact, we are encouraged to imitate them.

Everyone Wants To Be Remembered
Remembering Them

keeping a record and remembering family members are important . A nation without a history is a lost nation in wonderland – we learn lots of things through telling stories of the past. Now with Miss-U-Gram app there’s a quick and easy way to create memoriams of either privately or publicly or share publicly .

Miss-U-Gram app has other additional features like chat rooms and links to deceased database as well as inspirational quotes.  Be a pioneer, join us in our worldwide mission by keeping memories alive forever.

Download  this exclusive app  in Google play and Apple play . “Everyone wants to be remembered “.

Download here ⤵Google playScreenshot_20180115-101951

Download here⤵Apple playScreenshot_20180115-114325


Tribute, cope and share



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