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Miss-U-Gram ™  

 When you Miss someone that has passed away… there’s Miss-U-Gram


Miss-U-Gram app is a user friendly, social media platform  giving people everywhere a brand new way to tribute the lives of deceased loved ones .

Users can create memoriams privately or publicly

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The app will offer a streamlined interface where users can keep memories of deceased loved ones by writing and/ or uploading picture to create  memoriam privately and/or share publicly. Unique features, including emojis and inspirational quotes, will let users further customize their experience.


According to Miss-U-Gram, their users will also be able to share their pages across other forms of social media.

Users who have Private Pages can send special invitation people of their choice to join the page and share their experience and stories about the deceased.

The apps Chat Rooms are fantastically designed to help the bereaved bear their loss. The Chat Rooms include ‘Death of a Loved One,’ ‘Coping with Loss,’ etc.

Miss-U-Gram ™ has passed many building processes and now invites you to make memories last forever . Be a pioneer and download this exclusive app and make memories last forever.

“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered”

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Join us in our worldwide mission by bringing this exclusive social media app Miss-U-Gram to a higher level of awareness because it applies to everyone worldwide. It’s the fire we share. Tribute those you miss that have passed away .

“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered”

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Remembering What They Meant 

Remembering our loved ones is an indication of what they meant to us – the things we shared together, the experience, their impact on our lives, and other good memories. When we remember their positive impact, we are encouraged to imitate them.

Everyone Wants To Be Remembered
Remembering Them

keeping a record and remembering family members are important . A nation without a history is a lost nation in wonderland – we learn lots of things through telling stories of the past. Now with Miss-U-Gram app there’s a quick and easy way to create memoriams of either privately or publicly or share publicly .

Miss-U-Gram app has other additional features like chat rooms and links to deceased database as well as inspirational quotes.  Be a pioneer, join us in our worldwide mission by keeping memories alive forever.

Download  this exclusive app  in Google play and Apple play . “Everyone wants to be remembered “.

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Quick Results, Share Memories


“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered”

Miss-U-Gram app is a social media platform, exclusive for writing private or public memorials for deceased loved ones or even for someone who you might have known briefly or admired from afar. This platform is a respectable place where you can comfortably share or tribute people who have passed on.

After life , there is death. It’s something we can’t escape. With Miss-U-Gram app you can keep memories alive forever.  The tenderness of life is The fire.

Miss-U-Gram has passed many building processes and now invites you Join us in our worldwide mission and be one of the numerous people that are supporting this wonderful innovation. Thank you!

Be a pioneer and download this exclusive app Miss-U-Gram and make memories of lost loved ones last forever…

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In The Palm Of Your Hand


Miss-U-Gram app  is the perfect partner to carry with you each day. Deceased  loved ones  will never be forgotten, and you can carry on their memory wherever you go. It’s a simple concept that means so much, because every memorial on the app is personal. That’s the importance, and the beauty, of being able to remember someone who meant so much to you. It’s a respectable and comfortable place to write or tribute about those you miss because they passed away.  Posts can be created and shared publicly or be kept privately. The chat rooms that you can join or create,  are special features which helps users cope with the grievance process and connect with other users on this platform. Join us in our worldwide mission by keeping memories alive forever.

“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered “

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Our Future Generations


With the  Miss-U-Gram app, our children and the future generations will gain a better knowledge of past relatives, friends, and icons in the community, town, or city. Preserving candid memories for our children is a very important heritage, which enables them to know more about the life and death of our ancestors.

It feels good to tribute and remember  the lives of the deceased loved ones because the are not forgotten.

With Miss-U-Gram app , You can turn once a teardrop into a smile.

“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered “

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   Sweet Freedom

Write, Read, Remember with Miss-U-Gram app

When you miss someone who has passed away, transform that pain into love by writing memoriams privately or publicly and make memories last forever . “Everyone Wants To Be Remembered “


With Miss-U-Gram app, you have a respectful and comfortable place to write, read and remember the people you miss because they have passed away. A place to tribute their lives and keep their memories alive forever.

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Quote-Thomas Jefferson

Join us in our worldwide mission to bring this exclusive app Miss-U-Gram to a higher level of awareness.

“Everyone Wants To Be Remembered”

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With Your Support


This wonderful app Miss-U-Gram has passed many building processes and now invites you to join us in our worldwide mission. Support Miss-U-Gram and buy a T-shirt 

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Something We All Share

Missing our loved ones is something we all share – most of us have experienced loss at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, losing someone important to us never gets easier. But, think about what always gets you through those difficult times; the relationships and the support of your friends and family. Memorial services are designed to celebrate and pay respect to the individual who passed away, but who says their memory can only live on through one specific event?

With Miss-U-Gram your memories can live on forever!

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