Patricia Freudenberg

Patricia Freudenberg

Owner & Creator Of

Miss-U-Gram®️, LLC

CEO of Miss-U-Gram ®️/ Celebrant Advocate/ Brand Ambassador/ Amazon Influencer/ Cosmologist/ esthetician/ Red Cross Volunteer HFPT/ Certified End Of Life Coach (CEOLC)/ New York Business Manager of PICTV ™️ Network/ Chairperson of Latin Americas Committee ( LATAM ) for The United States Presidential Services Center (USPSC) / Sponsor of Goodbye I Love You ™️ show on The Presents TV Network/ Partners of Mongiello Associates ™️ Marketing Firm/ Secretary Chair of The Rotary Club Of Global Impact #224228 – NC, USA District #7680 


My name is Patricia Freudenberg, also know as Patty. Since day one I have been an entrepreneur and visionary at heart. My professional success regarding business management, development and customer service is in cosmetology, esthetics, as-well as Founder/CEO of Miss-U-Gram ®️, LLC providing a digital solution to pay tribute to cope with loss and share memories on a social media app.

How does this fit in with cosmetology & esthetics? Quick answer-  by  omniously co-creating,  but if you want the full version answer then continue reading.

As a beautician for 30 years I continuously listen to clients share and express Loving memories of their deceased loved ones. While engaging in these conversations I realize that it gives people a sense of inner peace and I became increasingly aware of the need for such a space that allows people to share these stories at any point in time, hence a native live app, exclusively to memorialize, either publicly or privately therefore inspiring me to create and continue to expand the development of this comfortable & respectful social platform, Miss-U-Gram,  so people can pay tribute to cope with loss & share memories to last forever. A place where users can create endless communities and take a keen interest in well-being. 

Miss-U-Gram’s app development became a brand-new way to transform the pain of loss into power  by writing as-well as connecting, resulting in emotional freedom & inner peace. By giving people the ability to use this resource makes it possible to pay it forward with a purpose, one word at a time because “everyone wants to be remembered.”

Now Miss-U-Gram ®️ is my call of duty and I am responding accordingly.

Miss-U-Gram ®️ is a prosper for purpose company giving partial proceeds to the humanitarian efforts the American Red Cross  .

I am also Red Cross volunteer and proud to assist with human services in a worldwide organization where “everyone means everyone”.


Mission statement:

Providing a global solution to cope with loss moving at the speed of life by paying it forward one word at a time because “everyone wants to be remembered “


Patricia Freudenberg  believes you can transform pain of loss into power, one word at a time by writing , reading or even exchanging comments when you share the tender memories of those you miss who have passed away. 


Miss-U-Gram®️ app gives you a respectable & comfortable place to pay tribute by emotional writing, where you can cope with loss and share memories to last forever as-well as to create endless communities on a social media platform.


The spirit of love lives within all of our hearts, it’s the fire we share. So tap into the power of love and share the tenderness of life by posting tributes where memories  can live on forever.

Pay it forward with a purpose:  because… 

“ everyone wants to be remembered ”.

Key Results: 

Miss-U-Gram®️ is a prosper for purpose company providing disruptive digital and spiritual transformation, a revolution in public affairs on a global scale,  making the world a better place.

 My call for duty &

with all of my heart…

” I pledge allegiance to

Miss-U-Gram ®️

of the United State of Emotions,

and to the Deceased for which it stands ,

one App, on a World-Wide-Web,

with Tributes & Memories for All”.

 Patricia Freudenberg

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Join us in our worldwide mission

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