Patricia Freudenberg


 Founder & Creator Of

Miss-U-Gram, LLC

Mission statement:

Patricia Freudenberg  believes you can transform pain of loss into power, one word at a time by writing , reading or even exchanging comments when you share the tender memories of those you miss who have passed away. 


Now with Miss-U-Gram app, there’s a respectable and comfortable space to tribute,  cope & share with direct emotional writing, as well as to create endless communities on a social media platform.


The spirit of love lives within all of our hearts, it’s the fire we share. So tap into the power of love and share the tenderness of life by posting tributes where memories  can live on forever.

Pay it forward:

 Because “everyone wants to be remembered .”

Key Results: 

Miss-U-Gram is a prosper for purpose company providing disruptive digital and spiritual transformation, a revolution in public affairs on a global scale,  making the world a better place.

 My call for duty &

with all of my heart…

” I pledge allegiance to


of the United State of Emotions,

and to the Deceased for which it stands ,

one App, on a World-Wide-Web,

with Tributes and Memories for All .”

 Patricia Freudenberg

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