Life Line

In the palm of my hand, a line so fine,
The course of my life, it intertwines,
A journey mapped out, with twists and turns,
The lifeline etched, as the candle burns.

From birth to death, it tells a tale,
Of triumphs, sorrows, and moments we hail,
In times of joy, it dances with glee,
But in times of struggle, it weeps with me.

Through highs and lows, it guides my way,
A compass, a beacon, to light my day,
It shows me choices, paths to explore,
But ultimately, it’s up to me to soar.

Sometimes it’s steady, like a calm sea,
Other times it’s turbulent, like a raging spree,
But with each twist and turn, I find my way,
Nurturing my lifeline, day by day.

It reminds me to cherish each passing hour,
To embrace love, and harness inner power,
To seize opportunities, and take the lead,
For my lifeline is a reflection of my creed.

So, I’ll follow its path, with hope and grace,
Navigating challenges, at my own pace,
For in the palm of my hand, lies a lifeline true,
A roadmap of my existence, in all that I do.

Poem- Patty


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